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Current Projects


Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC) is a consortium of public health organizations working in partnership with dating apps to improve sexual health outcomes for app users. We consult with apps on how to make it easier for users to share sexual health information and access resources. BHOC has developed resources such tellyourpartner.org, a partner notification site for STIs, tellyourcontacts.org, a contact tracing site for COVID-19, takemehome.org, a public-private home testing model for HIV and STIs, and created an advertising clearinghouse for public health organizations. BHOC was founded in 2014 and moved to Springboard HealthLab in 2021.


The Community Health Leadership Initiative is a project funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health to improve the workforce pipeline and create a sustainable model for jobs in the HIV/HCV/STI sector. Formative research for CHLI has been conducted by Facente Consulting.

The National Network for Long COVID Justice:

The National Network for Long COVID Justice is a project rooted in the best of what has been learned in and beyond intersectional HIV activism, organizational development, leadership training, cultural work and movement journalism, reaching into the most crucial health equity challenges. They seek to scale up, and to take lessons learned from HIV activism into the world of Long COVID, to raise the voices of and to center the Black and Brown communities who have borne the brunt of the pandemic itself.