Community Health Leadership Initiative (CHLI)

The Community Health Leadership Initiative (CHLI), a program funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, aims to develop, support and retain a highly skilled sexual and drug user health workforce, that reflects the populations served, has low turnover rates and is valued and supported. Formative research for CHLI has been conducted by Facente Consulting

The initiative has several components (please see below).

CHLI Workforce Development Training and Mentorship Program: Improving access to training and professional development

This is a 12-week personal and professional development and training program that serves as an entryway into HIV/HCV/STI and drug-user health careers for individuals who may have limited to no experience in the field. It supports San Francisco residents who have lived experience or are from priority populations to explore their entry into the sexual and drug user health field by providing weekly skill-building sessions and connecting them with a professional mentor (an experienced worker).

How do I sign-up?

Workforce Development Collective

The Workforce Development Collective brings together people and programs working in the workforce development arena to network and collaborate. The collective meets monthly (virtually and in-person) to foster collaboration and relationship-building, be thought partners, share resources and focus on workforce issues. The collective shares resources and contacts between meetings.
We are always welcoming new members. If you are interested in joining the collective, please get in touch with  

Retaining the Workforce: Workforce Appreciation and Networking Events

The Community Health Leadership Initiative (CHLI) aims to bolster the workforce in various ways and is funded by ETE. A central part of strengthening the workforce is for workers to feel valued and as though their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. As part of this, and to build cross-agency relationships and networking opportunities, we run quarterly Workforce Appreciation and Networking events. If you’re interested in attending an event or have ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with

Mentorship Programs and opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities for experienced workers interested in sharing their knowledge and skills and strengthening the system of care by supporting an incoming workforce. If you would like to join an advisory committee, mentor someone who would like to enter the field or who is new in the workforce, or you’d like to provide training, please get in touch with

SF HIV FOG Mentor Program

This mentorship and certificate program aims to foster cross-agency collaboration and utilize the wisdom of experience workers to develop mentees’ professional resource toolbox and strengthen the HIV systems of care.

We recommend this program for the following:

  • New workers who have been in the HIV services field in San Francisco for less than two years, who would like to develop their knowledge, skills, and professional network to assist their clients better and learn from an experienced worker;
  • Experienced workers in the HIV services field in San Francisco (in the field for over two years) who would like to give back by sharing their wisdom and experience with a new worker while also furthering their mentoring skills and professional development

How do I sign up?

Once you’ve received initial approval from your supervisor to participate, sign up for the FMP by completing one of the sign-up forms below, or contact Anna Weitzman,

Peer-to-peer support and retention

We facilitate peer-to-peer support space and will start coordinating cross-agency LCSW-facilitated support groups. If you are interested in accessing this support, please complete this form Workforce Wellness Survey and contact