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Who is part of Long COVID Justice?

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Advisory Team:

  • Celia Alario
  • Mark Aurigemma
  • Cecilia Gentili
  • Tina Habib
  • Vanessa Johnson, JD
  • Laura Mintz, MD, PhD

Strategy Circle Partners: 


JD Davids photo

JD Davids, Strategist

JD Davids is a US-based health justice and communications strategist working with national networks of disabled and chronically ill people. He founded Strategies for High Impact and its National Network for Long COVID Justice in 2021. Davids has been an external expert advisor to the NIH, CDC, and local health departments, and has served as a strategist and organizer with many pivotal groups, including ACT UP Philadelphia, AVAC, the Coalition for a National HIV/AIDS Strategy, Health GAP, the Health Not Prisons Collective, the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance, Positive Women’s Network – USA and the U.S. Caucus of People Living with HIV. As a queer and trans person living with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), Long COVID and other complex chronic conditions, he writes and hosts conversations for The Cranky Queer Guide to Chronic Illness (@TheCrankyQueer), sits on the board of #MEAction and is a contributing member of the Patient-Led Research Collaborative, which released the first comprehensive study on Long COVID. 

Photo of Gabriel San Emeterio

Gabriel San Emeterio, National Organizer

Gabriel San Emeterio is a queer activist who was raised in Mexico City and has been living in New York City for the past 22 years. They hold a BA of their own design in Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies from CUNY, focused on Gender Studies and Community Organizing. Following their commitment to social justice, Gabriel obtained his graduate degree with honors from the Silberman School of School of Social Work with Community Organizing as a method of practice and a certificate in Social Policy. Gabriel’s passion for liberatory community work guides their life efforts, which include advocacy and grassroots organizing around policies and issues that affect the LGBTQIA+ community, welfare rights, and people living with HIV, ME/CFS and other fatiguing illnesses such as Long COVID.