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The National Network for Long COVID Justice

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Commit to Long Covid Justice, Join Us in a Pledge – Pandemics Are Chronic: A Statement of Commitment to #LongCovidJustice

What We Do

Many COVID survivors now face debilitating, life-changing effects of Long COVID. As complex as it can be, Long COVID is just the most recent manifestation of a long under-acknowledged phenomenon of post-infection illness that often drives, worsens or unmasks a set of understudied complex chronic conditions. 

The Covid-19 pandemic may not end for many of us for the rest of our lives who are living with organ disease, autoimmune illnesses, and complex chronic conditions spurred or worsened by Covid-19 infection. We will not succeed in pandemic preparation or prevention if we continue to ignore, marginalize or deprioritize chronically ill and disabled people before, during and after the acute phases. 

Are we returning to a “business as normal” that has never centered the needs of disabled people and people with complex chronic conditions, even as millions of people are newly ill, marginalized and under-served, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives?

The National Network for Long COVID Justice will unlock power for the large-scale changes needed for this crisis:
  • We bring the passions and skills of generations of health equity and racial, gender and disability justice movements to the challenges we face, and to the opportunities we seize. 
  • We strengthen emerging campaigns and networks of people with Long COVID and health justice leaders, while connecting to vital coalitions and groups fighting for healthcare, the caring economy, and racial, social and economic justice.

Endorse our statement: Pandemics Are Chronic: A Statement of Commitment to Long COVID Justice

The National Network for Long COVID Justice is a project of Strategies for High Impact